Please feel free to contact me as I am always happy to help you in your search for a puppy.
Puppies bred by us are reared in the home alongside the adult dogs and are acclimatized to everything in the home environment.
Owning a puppy is very time consuming. They need attention and affection every day. Puppies and older dogs need company, they cannot be left on their own all day while their owners are at work. Puppies need to have time spent training and socialising them.
If you have young children please consider whether you will have time to commit to a puppy.
Dogs need a well fenced garden to run and play in.
Are you prepared to exercise your dog in all weathers, put up with dog hair, mud, feeding and vets bills.
When you go on holiday boarding kennel fees can be expensive.
If you have given careful thought to all these things and still want a loving, loyal companion then please contact me.
Our puppies are only available to permanent loving homes.



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